14 Super Foods to Keep You from Rusting

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Superfoods carry more power! Be sure you’re regularly powered up by these superfoods.

Are these super foods on your shopping list?


Black currants Cabbage family
Blueberries Arugula Rutabaga
Garlic Bok Choy Turnips
Ginger Cauliflower Wasabi
Onions Collard greens Watercress
Pomegranates Horseradish
Rosemary Kale
Spinach Kohlrabi
Teas Mustard
Turmeric Radish


Super-foods are more powerful in dealing with oxidative stress (rust) than drugs or supplements because they carry anti-oxidant power. Why do we need anti-oxidant power? Because oxidation of our tissues drives degeneration of our tissues, early aging, and misery in old age or premature death.

Cardiovascular researchers talked with cancer researchers and discovered that their research coincided. The underlying mechanisms of disease in heart disease and cancer were the same.

Other chronic disease researchers were discovering those same mechanisms of disease in autism, diabetes, allergies, asthma, autoimmune, Alzheimer’s, and attention difficulties.

Affluent societies create common chronic illnesses through the forces of these three common denominators:

  • Oxidative stress
  • Inflammation
  • Decrease in ability to detoxify

What causes oxidative stress?

Free radicals form when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. An electron gets knocked off of the atom. Electrons don’t like to be singlets so they violently go searching for another electron to pair up with. But now the next atom is missing an electron, so it repeats the electron robbing that starts a damaging chain reaction pictured as a row of dominoes standing on end. When the first one falls into the second one, all of the dominoes knock each other down quickly.

Free radicals damage tissues. And you rust! Free radical damage to cell membranes leads to Type 1 Diabetes. If the free radicals attack the DNA of the cell the damage can cause cancer. If it damages the lining of the arteries, heart and artery disease ensues. Other cells degenerate or die unless a “hero” comes to the rescue.


In the case of free radicals the heroic interventions of the anti-oxidants stop the domino-like chain reaction of damage. They donate that missing electron so all the electrons are paired and happy and living in peace in your tissues.


The Super Foods contain high levels of anti-oxidants and other phytonutrients that counteract free radical damage. Keep healthy amounts of the in your diet.


Also avoid the culprits that induce free radicals.

 Bad Fats in Fried and Processed Food:

Trans fatty acids

Polyunsaturated oils

Over-heated oils

Fried food



Environmental toxins:

Toxic metals

Air, water and food pollution

Cosmetics – cadmium in lipstick


Air, water, food pollution

Plastic containers

Lotions and potions

Processed food


Smoking = Myriads of very toxic chemicals

Lead, cadmium, nickel

Side stream smoke just as bad


Clean air, purified drinking water and clean food help minimize free radical damage. When you encounter free radicals a healthy diet lifestyle that includes super foods regularly will neutralize those trouble makers. Eat liberal amounts of super foods.


Dr. Jo

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