Dr. Jo’s Guiltless Cacao Chocolates

Dr.  Jo's Guiltless Cacao Chocolates

Dr. Jo’s Guiltless Cacao Chocolates


½ cup organic coconut oil

¼ cup organic raw cacao powder

½ teaspoon lecithin

1 tablespoon local raw honey

½ teaspoon white stevia powder


Caution:If you’re still recovering from sugar addiction, do not eat these. When your system strengthens with healthy eating you may be able to try them.



Be sure to prepare the candy/soap molds before you make the coconut/chocolate mixture:

Place silicone candy or soap molds on a stiff pan like a cookie sheet. Find a place in your freezer where this cookie sheet will stay level. Grease the candy/soap molds with a little olive oil.

Measure ¼ cup of the organic raw cacao powder and gently stir in the white stevia powder.

Place a small jar of organic coconut oil and a small jar of honey in a pan of warm water long enough to liquefy ½ cup of the coconut oil. Measure ½ cup of the liquefied oil and pour it into a small blender container. (I use the smallest jar that comes with the Magic Bullet.) Add ½ teaspoon of lecithin, the cacao/stevia powder and 1 tablespoon of honey. Quickly blend the mixture until smooth.

Using a teaspoon size eating utensil, spoon the mixture into the molds one at a time, stirring the mixture each time you dip the spoon into it. Immediately place the cookie sheet into the freezer. When the chocolate solidifies remove from freezer. The candy usually pops out of the molds best when right out of the freezer before it starts softening.

For storage keep refrigerated or frozen because it melts in your mouth and in your hand!

In my initial attempts to make this combo I did not use the lecithin and it was really difficult to keep the coconut oil mixed with the honey. So one piece of the cacao chocolate would be bitter and another might be quite sweet. Then I remembered that lecithin acts as an emulsifier to keep oil and water blended together. Sure enough, the lecithin seems to help a lot. It also helps to spoon the mixture into the molds instead of pouring it.


Dr. Jo’s Comments:

Are you surprised that I’m actually ok with eating this Cacao Candy? I’m a bit surprised too since I’ve taught about the dangers of eating sweets for so long. However, I finally became convinced that raw cacao has many antioxidant protective benefits. If you eat it all by itself it’s very bitter, a taste that might be good to cultivate since bitters stimulate strong digestive ability. But most of us won’t go there. So by adding a little raw honey and stevia we can have a taste treat.

Since most chocolate candy comes loaded with sugar, it does more harm than good and we fall prey to the addictive nature of the sugar. That kind of chocolate does more harm than good because it’s like eating shards of glass in the way it rips up your insides (called “inflammation”).

But Coconut Oil/Cacao Candy provides the many health-promoting effects of the healthy oils in coconut oil and the high anti-oxidant protective qualities of the raw organic cacao. Be sure to only use organic coconut oil and organic raw cacao powder. Non-organic cocoa powder is often genetically modified.

A small amount of this taste treat satisfies me without tipping me into addiction. Let me know how it affects you.

Remember that this “chocolate candy” is guiltless from the stand point of being nourishing instead of destructive to your physiology, but it does contain calories. So, a little dab will do you well.


Dr. Jo

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