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Maybe that song, “You Light Up My Life”, has more truth in it than we ever imagined because your cells emit light. Science calls those light emissions biophotons which are very weak light emissions in biological systems.


Actually every living thing emits biophotons which seem to direct and integrate all biochemical reactions.


Every second over 100,000 pulses of light (biophotons) flow out of your cells.


These biophotons (electromagnetic waves) produce such a small amount of light that we cannot see them with our eyes. However, Professor Alexander G. Gurvich , a medical scientist first discovered them in 1923. More research on biophotons flourished in the 1930’s in the United States and Europe but it wasn’t until 1974 that German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp proved their existence, and that they originate in your DNA. He went on to delineate the ways that they may control biochemical processes and growth.


As in all scientific discoveries theories are then developed and further research either proves, disproves or adjusts the theory. Biophoton Theory has discovered thus far that biophoton light stores in and emits from the DNA of the nuclei of cells. A web of light emitted from the DNA coordinates and communicates with the other cellular structures within the cell and with tissues and organ systems.


This constant emission and absorption of light from the DNA seems to regulate all of life’s processes such as growth, regeneration, and cells becoming specialized into different organs.


Since healthy cells emit different biophoton patterns than cancerous cells future research may use biophoton patterns for early detection of functional abnormalities in cells long before a cancer can be detected by anatomic means (like x-rays, MRIs and CT scans).


Researchers and some biontologists currently utilize the power of light (biophotons) to engage healing in the human body. Information found at states that the quality of a cell’s biophoton patterns change when you are upset physically, emotionally or mentally. Symptoms manifest as a result of this upset which is the underlying cause of the disease process.


Bad relationships, germs, cell phone or TV radiation, trauma, vaccinations and other things can upset your unique light pattern. Disturbing your electromagnetic (light) spectrum then leads to signs of illness.


So practitioners using a Chiren instrument detect these abnormal light patterns and then send healing light patterns back into the body without using supplements or drugs. Of course, controversy reigns around any unusual therapy like this. You may want to read more about it at


Most of us are not familiar with the “physics” of our bodies, that we are electromagnetic beings. With time I believe that more research will reveal unique diagnostic and treatment programs that interact with our electromagnetics, our biophotons, our very own light emissions.


Even your brain lights up! Perhaps biophoton emissions link the physical cellular aspects of our being to the non-physical mind, psyche, consciousness and spirit. Something in my spirit is stirring about this – Jesus is the light of the world, the source of light. He’s in us; we’re in him. We are light beings. Our light is dimmed in these earth suits that we now live in, but our immortal bodies will shine brightly.


Perhaps this interaction of biophoton electromagnetics and the mind and spirit link to physical healing. Hopefully we will know more in the future.


But, what if you could augment the strength of your light power by embracing brilliant healthy living right now? You can, read on…





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