Light Up Your Life with Biophoton Power

So, what if you could augment the strength of your light power (biophotons) by embracing brilliant healthy living right now?

(What’s a biophoton? Review

Eat at least 50% of your food in the form of raw, sun-ripened produce


The most obvious source to strengthen your light power comes from raw living food. Plants grow in the sun, an energy source required for photosynthesis. The sun provides the energy for the plant to bind water and carbon dioxide together to form energy for us in the form of glucose.


So raw food contains sun energy, light energy, and high quality biophoton activity. Perhaps that’s why Dr. Pottenger, MD recommended eating at least 50% of our food raw so we can build up the light energy (biophotons) in our cells, tissues and organs.


Higher light vitality in the food transfers greater energy to our cells. Higher energy stores in the food means more nutrition for us. Sun-ripened fresh organically grown vegetables and fruit are rich in light energy because they have had full sun exposure during the ripening process.


Most store bought fruits and some vegetables are picked green and ripened artificially without exposure to the sun thus lessening their ability to store light energy. More biophotons are lost with transportation, storage, and radiation treatment to extend shelf life destroys all of the biophotons.


Grazing in the garden provides the highest biophoton activity. Professor Popp who has researched biophotons extensively found that the light activity in plants dissipated in a few hours after picking them.


Without a garden your next best source of fresh picked and sun-ripened food in your vicinity may be your local farmer’s markets.


Eating food packed with light energy increases your body’s store of biophotons, of light energy which strengthens your electromagnetic fields yielding more energy for healing and maintenance of optimal health.


Sunlight exposure to your skin


Your skin may capture energy and information from the sun as well. An experiment reported in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology in 1993 exposed normal skin cells (fibroblasts) and abnormal skin cells (fibroblasts) found in people afflicted by xeroderma pigmentosum (xp) to ultraviolet light. Xeroderma pigmentosum cells have poor DNA repair mechanisms. But when they were exposed to the artificial sunlight they emitted 10 to 20 times more biophotons.


According to the researchers, these xp cells seemed to have lost the capacity to store biophotons efficiently. Therefore they felt that normal cells must contain “an efficient intracellular photon trapping system”.


So, judicious, safe sun exposure may increase your energy by storing more sun power in your cells. This quote comes from the book Bioelectromagnetic Healing – Biophotons & DNA:

“Short-term (15-minute per day) sunlight baths with bare skin are revitalizing. “


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Increasing biophoton stores in the cells to augment health is a different mechanism than vitamin D production in the skin from sun exposure. With the benefit of both effects no wonder sun therapy was effective in the old tuberculosis treatment solariums. We can learn from the wisdom of prior generations.


The time spent in the sun for increasing biophoton storage is close to the recommended time of 20 minutes in the sun to promote vitamin D production by the skin. Following these guidelines most people will generate 20,000 to 50,000 units of vitamin D in their skin when most of their sin is exposed to the sun for 20 minutes between 10 AM and 2 PM (in the northern hemisphere).

Expose most of the skin (without sunscreen!)

Duration: 20 minutes

Time of day: 10 AM to 2 PM


Have fun increasing your energy and improving your health by eating “sunlight” and soaking it up from the sun.



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