Coconut Oil the Gold Mine in Your Pantry

There’s lots you can do with coconut oil besides eating it.

Coconut oil amazing uses

Coconut Oil Uses

Besides the wonderful nutritional and cooking qualities of coconut oil did you know it has many other uses? In fact it may be the most versatile item that stocks your pantry.


Hair conditioner

Scoop a bit of coconut oil into your hand to melt it and then rub into your hair and scalp about an hour before you plan to shampoo your hair. The coconut oil penetrates the surface layer of the hair providing the hair protection from the damaging effects of the water when you wash your hair.

The oil further penetrates the hair when you shampoo since the water causes the hair to swell slightly. This leaves lasting nourishment and protection in your hair which helps prevent the frizzies when you are next exposed to humid air.

My hair had a new shine to it after I use this coconut oil for hair treatment.

Inexpensive fluoride free toothpaste

Mix coconut oil with some baking soda for a toothpaste that not only cleans your teeth but has the antibacterial effects found in coconut oil.  Add some essential oil of peppermint for that minty flavor that you’re used to.


Healing uses

For a skin or nail problem just slap on some coconut oil to:

Soothe bug bites or bee stings

Suppress a cold sore as soon as it pops out; add a little oregano oil to the coconut oil

Fungal or yeast infections, like nail fungus and athletes foot: mix coconut oil with a bit of tea tree oil

Apply to skin rashes and irritations


Moisturizing dry areas

Suppress frequent nosebleeds by moisturizing the inside of the nose with coconut oil

Apply coconut oil to the vaginal area to relieve dryness

Apply to dry lips


Household uses

Some of these tips for the household use of coconut oil may delight and surprise you.


Rub coconut oil into your cutting boards  to protect the wood.


In the same way use coconut oil to condition your iron skillets and pans, which is much, much healthier than using mineral oil.


You can even use coconut oil to polish metal but be sure to test a small spot first see if it works well for that particular metal item.


And this may be the best ever use of coconut oil. It removes chewing gum from all kinds of surfaces including carpet and hair. I hope I can remember that one because chewing gum can be very frustrating when it gets in the wrong places.


Can you believe it will even clean soap scum from your bathroom fixtures? Just place a small amount of coconut oil on a clean rag and rub it over the soap scum area. Then spray with white vinegar and wipe the area clean with a dry cloth. I’ve been really enjoying using microfiber cloths in my cleaning.


Did you hate using mineral spirits to clean your hands and paintbrushes after painting with oil based paints? So now you’re guessing a better way to clean them. That’s right just use coconut oil.


Shine the leaves of your indoor plants with a bit of coconut oil.


Enjoy all these new uses for coconut oil that you’ve discovered. Actually there are tons of more ways to use coconut oil. You can discover some of them here:


Or just use your imagination. Seems like you can dream up many more coconut oil uses.


And it’s okay to buy a large jar of it because it doesn’t go rancid. So enjoy experimenting with the many uses of coconut oil and in the future we’ll talk about eating it too because it’s so delicious and nutritious. The health benefits of coconut oil may be even more wonderful than the many other uses of coconut oil.


Do you see why coconut oil may be the most versatile item in your cupboard?


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