Holiday Culture of Health

How do we create a Culture of Health during the holidays? Thanksgive vegetable turkey


With all of the extra busy-ness during the holidays healthy habits may slip by the wayside creating an opportunity for those infectious diseases to take hold.


How can we enjoy the true meaning of the season about to break through upon on us?




Let’s keep the reason for the season firmly in mind. What we focus on is what we do. So let’s focus on gratitude since that’s what Thanksgiving is all about. Find reasons to express gratitude every day as often as possible and say them out loud!

I’m thankful to be alive

I’m thankful for (name the person)

Thank you God for (for whatever He has provided for you today)

Thank you God for (rain or sunshine or whatever the weather is doing right now

Thank you God for the beauty of your creation


Write a thank you note to someone, maybe someone who influenced your life years ago. You may just make their day.


Then notice how the joy and peace arise in you.


Become aware of stressors


Most of the time we stress ourselves, often in our attitude to situations. Holidays can be extra stressful. Become aware of what stresses you. Perhaps you can simplify or hire some extra help around the house during the holidays for house cleaning or yard care or even a little childcare to allow you to do those extra fun things. You may find it money well spent on your peace of mind. And the extra income for the person you hire will bless them. So kick those holiday stressors out the door.


Keep your exercise program going


Enjoy your exercise program, keep your mind flowing, blood moving and mind joyful. Exercise does all of that. It’s the best way to beat depression. Well known psychiatrists like Dr. Daniel Amen recommend exercise as the best weapon against depression.


Remember that effective exercise doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Current research demonstrates that high intensity interval training can be the best and most effective form of exercise. SuperSlow conditioning only takes 12-20 minutes per week. So no excuses – keep that exercise going. Remember this?


Eat healthy


Let’s have a mindset change! Keep that healthy eating going. Be a role model. Instead of baking or making candy, take beautiful, colorful, delicious treats to the office or parties. People will really appreciate your thoughtfulness. If you’re tempted by the sweet death food that fills the work place during the holidays, take something healthy holiday snacks to nibble on and share with others and visualize sweets with a skull and cross-bones on them.


Try these quick, easy, healthy holiday snacks

A bowl of fresh raw nuts and seeds*

A tray of vegetables with a bowl of hummus

Health whole grain crackers spread with almond butter

Slices of jicama spread with almond butter

Sweet minibell peppers stuffed with cooked shredded chicken mixed with a favorite dressing

Or sweet minibell peppers stuffed with salmon and a favorite dressing


You’re creative. Share your ideas with us. Let’s have fun creating a Culture of Health this holiday season.


I am so grateful for you and all the treasures in you that you have to share with the world.


Abundant blessings to you,

Dr. Jo


*They’re even healthier if you have time to soak and then dry them

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Dr. JoDr. Jo delights in sharing the message of health. She believes disease is optional if you know how to take care of yourself. And she’s a great coach to help you reverse or prevent disease.

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