Osteoporosis 11 SuperSlow and Super Effective Exercise

On our journey through the osteoporosis prevention and reversal saga we’ve covered some not-so-well-known topics like toxicity and natural hormone therapy.


In this chapter of the saga we will encounter a more well-known recommendation, exercise. But perhaps you will learn some new and more specific techniques of exercise that apply to dealing specifically with osteoporosis.


Bones need stress to stimulate the production of more bone tissue. Walking, biking, swimming, dancing, etc. produce some stress on the bones, but muscle strengthening using weights stresses the bones even more.


Uh-oh, I can already hear you saying, “But I don’t want to spend hours at a gym sweating with weights. And I sure don’t want to look like a bodybuilder!”


No worries. You don’t have to do either one of those two things.


What if you only spent 12 to 20 minutes once a week working out with weights to achieve your optimal level of muscle strength? And you’re not supposed to sweat with this routine.


Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it? But Dr. McGuff did a lot of clinical research with folks just like you, some in their 80’s, and discovered that a 12 minute a week weight strengthening program that stresses your muscles to the maximum results in the greatest muscle gain.


Most folks feel so great after a few weeks of SuperSlow training that they crave exercise and go out and run, dance, bike, etc. just for the fun of it.


Before you start an exercise routine, always check with your doctor first!


Consider having a personal trainer teach you the proper techniques for lifting and using this method the first time or two that you go through it.


Here’s the routine on gym machines:

Use these 5 pieces of equipment:

Chest Press


Overhead Press

Pull Down

Leg Press


Here’s the SuperSlow part:

On each machine start your lift slowly, taking 2 seconds to move the first inch

Take a total of 7-10 seconds to complete the lift

Then take a total of 7-10 seconds to move the weight back down

That’s a total of 14 to 20 seconds for each repetition


Use a weight heavy enough that it only takes 4 to 8 repetitions to totally fatigue your muscles. On the last rep keep trying to move the weight even if it won’t budge. That means you’ve maxed out the muscle.


Move quickly to the next machine and start the reps on it taking only enough time to set the machine seat and any other adjustments to suit your body. No resting in between machines!


And you’re not supposed to sweat! Hopefully your gym is kept cool!


Watch Dr. McGuff go through the workout on this video:

Dr. McGuff Demonstrates SuperSlow


When you’ve completed the reps on the 5 machines – you’re done for the week! Hurray – healthy fitness in 12-20 minutes per week.


Now you have no excuses! What’s 12-20 minutes in a week that contains 10,080 minutes? A miniscule amount of time, so don’t tell me that you don’t have time!


That minor investment of time can produce profound results in preventing or reversing osteoporosis, especially when you add all of the other recommendations for dealing with osteoporosis that we’ve been reviewing in this series of articles.


And you develop a new muscular girdle that gives added protection to your bones if they are thin already. Wow, good for you. People with thin bones and weak muscles will fracture much more easily than people with thin bones and a strong muscular girdle.


Download the SuperSlow Workout Log to keep track of your progress:




Oh, I’m hearing another excuse. You don’t want to go to a gym. Ok let’s take care of that excuse right now. Get some canned food out of the cupboard and use them for your weights initially. When you need more weight you can invest in some weights from a sporting goods store or get some second hand ones.


Here are the SuperSlow exercises with free weights if you don’t have weight machines available:


Bent Over Dumbbell Row

triceps row standing











Overhead Press

 overhead-press-exercise-1  overhead press










Squats – holding dumbbell weights at sides or barbell over shoulders

 correct squat  Front-Squat-Full-171x300  squat with barbell


Bench Press









Of course you will want more information about SuperSlow exercise.

Here are a few links:


Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. McGuff


Happy lifting and have fun,

Dr. Jo



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