Osteoporosis 7 Chelation – Gets Really Tough on Toxic Metals

Would you like to know an amazing secret about reversing osteoporosis that very few doctors know?


Have you hit the wall in battling your thin bone problem? It’s very frustrating isn’t it?


You’re doing everything that your doctor tells you; take calcium, exercise, take your osteoporosis medication and your bones still are not responding.


You’ve hit a wall. What’s the obstruction?


It may be the toxic metals lodged in your boney structures. These toxins block the cellular channels that incorporate the calcium and other minerals that strengthen your bones. You can take tons of calcium and never get it into the bones if those obstructive toxic metals are not removed.


We know that lead stores in the bones and we have all been exposed to lead environmentally one way or the other.


At one point of my detoxification process for my own body I knew when most of the toxins had been removed from my bones because my body started sucking up the calcium. I recognized this need for more calcium by muscle testing. It showed that I needed to increase my calcium supplements dramatically for a while.


Eventually my bones were replenished and I could drop to a maintenance amount of calcium and other minerals and supplements. My last bone scan showed enough remineralization of my bones that I no longer had osteoporosis.


To get the lead out of your bones, besides incorporating the detoxification steps reviewed in the previous articles:

Organ Cleansing to help osteoporosis

Daily Cleansing with supplements to help osteoporosis

you may need to add the more aggressive detoxification measure known as chelation.


Chelation means “claw”. EDTA, an amino acid, grabs the toxic metal (like lead) with its claw and holds onto it tightly until it’s excreted via the kidneys or bowel.


Many physicians utilize intravenous chelation therapy in their offices. I chelated many, many patients in my practice obtaining excellent results with the IV (intravenous) method.


However, IV chelation is costly and takes 3 hours per treatment (most folks need at least 30 treatments). And it can be difficult to find a physician near you that offers chelation.


An alternative way to administer EDTA is via rectal suppository, something you really should investigate. It’s much cheaper; much, much less time consuming and you can do it yourself in your own home while you sleep.


Ideally a health practitioner would guide you through chelation with EDTA rectal suppositories. Hopefully you can find one near you by utilizing this resource:

Find a Doctor


You can also share this gift to you with your doctor, a guide to using chelation therapy:

I invite you to download the free Chelation Handbook


That way you can monitor your progress with lab studies as outlined in these articles:

Hair Analysis 1

Hair Analysis 2


I know that you will want more information about chelation therapy so you can understand how very important it is for restoring not only your bones, but also the rest of your body to an optimally healthy state.


Tell your mind to “Wake up” to this most valuable treatment. Don’t let it just read this article and say, “Oh, that’s interesting” and then forget about chelation.


In my experience chelation saves peoples’ lives and makes their bodies much more comfortable to live in. It can give you a new lease on life and a new joy in living.


So tell your mind to “Pay attention” and find out more about chelation. Start by reviewing the pages on chelation starting with this article by yours truly:

Chelation over view


Or review all of the information and more in the Chelation Handbook. Down load it now:

Chelation Handbook


And now you know that secret about reversing osteoporosis that most doctors still don’t know.



Dr. Jo


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