Whatever You Can Dream, You Can Do

If you want to be inspired listen to Earline Hill’s amazing heart. Earline and I were roommates in college way back in the early 1960’s.


Whatever You Can Dream, You Can Do


Since 2006 have lost over 300 lbs.


Could never have lost an ounce if a very caring Dr. had not gone to bat for me and gotten me into a gastric by-pass surgery program before age 64 when Medicare had its age limit.


It was no walk in the park…had to make numerous 300 mile roundtrips to San Antonio for all kinds of testing….blood, heart, colonoscopy, endoscopy, psychiatric evaluation, ad. nauseum, but at long last had the surgery, exactly 5 days before turning 64.


Came out of the surgery, realized life is very short, decided now that I could lose a bunch of weight moving 600 miles to North TX for the privilege of watching our only 2 grand children grow up was at long last possible, told the family that is what I wanted to do.


The family breathed a sigh of relief. They had been begging us to come for years.


No sooner made the commitment than had a bad heart attack while still in the hospital. Spent the next 8 days in Cardiac ICU. Fun, fun, fun!


Now THAT ended all doubts! Was going to lose the weight and watch Landon Cody and Cheyenne Starr grow up for as long as the Good Lord would let me be with them!


The surgeon said I had a 12 month window for losing weight, and that a very few kept destroying weight for 18 months, but since I was so very overweight, 12 months was really all I could hope for.


Was so determined to prove him wrong…it has been a lifetime challenge to prove Doctors wrong…and most have said it was that streak of ornery that kept me alive. Anyway, 6 1/2 years later am still losing weight. The first 200 lbs. seemed to just melt off, the last 120 have been a lot slower, but still the weight comes off.


Guess you could say the formula is 10% surgeon’s skill, 10% rabid desire to peel the weight off, and 120% God’s will that does the trick. Am not discounting the medical knowledge nor the desire to change…just believe that the feller upstairs has a lot more to do with it than us folks down here on earth can possibly understand.


Have hit plateaus where the weight stayed the same or even climbed a little for months and thought, “Well, guess the fat lady is singing” and then somehow more weight would peel off. No one will ever be able to convince me that God doesn’t have a sense of humor! He gets a good laugh at me every day!


Tell your “fluffy” patients to hang in there. God doesn’t put limits on our ability to accomplish our hearts’ desires…WE put limits on our “own selves.”


Whatever you can dream, you can do.


God told us about that little quirk of humankind in the days of the building of the tower of Babel…He mixed up the languages of the earth so that mankind could not build their way into Heaven…


If He had not taken drastic action, we would have been accessing Heaven thousands of years before now.


Goes for you, too. If Bessie Jo Blevins had not had a grand dream, a consuming desire, a burning NEED, there would be no “Dr. Jo.” Am so glad you had the grand dream, Jo! You are a wonderful doctor and a blessing to all who know you. God rocks back and forth on his heels and smiles mightily when He contemplates the good you have accomplished with your life! You are a very special person and the “bestest” roomie in the whole world!


Hang in there. Heaven is going to be such a neat place to party and compare notes and sing our hearts out!


Love ya,





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Cherry Hayes

Cherry Hayes

29 January 2013

Congratulations, Earline. Your story is inspiring. Would love to see some before and after pictures. I’ve lost 50 lbs. on Weight Watchers. It’s slow, but it works. My struggle has been keeping it off. I’m up about 5 lbs. right now and am determined to get it off. For me, that is key. Take off the 5 gained over the past few months before the 5 becomes 10 and so on.

Sounds like she was lucky to have you as a roommate. I’m fortunate that God blessed me with a very special sister named Dr. Jo!

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