Osteoporosis 4 – Never Reversed Without Detoxification

This may be the most important information you will ever read about reversing osteoporosis. If you don’t address this issue you can take all the calcium prescribed, exercise regularly and eat healthy but still never rebuild your bones to optimal strength.


Even the holistic/integrative doctors rarely mention it if they mention it at all. I just did an Internet search and yes it was mentioned briefly by a few sites but they only devoted a couple of sentences to it and gave no real help in dealing with it.


In working with patients and with my own body I became very aware that the bones have to be detoxified of toxic metals before they will accept the nutritious minerals involved in the bone restoration process.


Health practitioners generally recognize that the body stores toxic lead in the bones. But most of them have no clue about how to detoxify that lead out of the bones. That’s where my expertise comes in because detoxification was a major key in reversing the health of my patients.


Now you may be thinking, “But I haven’t been exposed to any toxic metals. How can that be a problem for me?” And that’s a very good question.


Unfortunately we have all been exposed to toxic metals and chemicals in our environment without even realizing it. Remember when gasoline contained lead additives. During that time you probably inhaled the lead. Then comes the rain that washes the lead out of the air and into the soil and water. The plants pick up the lead and when you eat them there’s another exposure.


If you ever smoked or lived with a smoker you inhaled a myriad of toxic chemicals and heavy metals including lead, cadmium and nickel.


But then you question, but my doctor tested my blood for heavy metals and didn’t find any. Yes and that’s a mistake that even scientific researchers make. Your body will not leave toxic substances in the blood. They are removed as quickly as possible from the blood to protect the vital organs.


So to get the lead out of your blood your body sticks it in your bones. If you also have been eating a poor quality diet with low mineral content, then your bones may already be deficient in magnesium and other minerals. Magnesium acts as a gate keeper at the cell membrane opening and closing the gate so nutrients can either pass into the cell or waste products can move out of the cell through that channel in the cell membrane.


If your bones don’t have enough magnesium to stand guard at those gates your body will hold onto even a toxic metal to fill that void. So along comes the little molecule of lead. Your cell grabs it and puts it in that place that should be occupied by magnesium.


So now that post that should be occupied by a friendly mineral is occupied by an enemy mineral and no longer functions properly. Lead does not open and close that gate properly. The next time the calcium comes along it bumps up to that gate and says “let me and let me in”. But that heavy-handed lead won’t open the gate.


So the calcium goes to another gate and asks to get in and it can’t get in there either. So it bumps around for a while and then it’s finally excreted through the urine or the bowel.


Are you beginning to see why it’s self-defeating to take extra calcium and other important minerals in an attempt to restore bones when they’re still full of toxic stuff?


Here’s the good news. You can detoxify. It takes time but it’s time well spent. The next articles will set you on the path to detoxifying your body.


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Dr. Jo


P.S.  This explanation of how toxic metals block uptake of calcium and other minerals into the bones  may not be perfectly accurate scientifically but it helps us understand the concept of toxic metals preventing the remineralization of bones.



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