Get the Lead Out of Your Bones

After reading Osteoporosis 4 – Never Reversed Without Detoxification you now know that it’s really tough to get the calcium and other minerals back in your bones without getting the toxic metals out first. Those poisonous heavy metals block the uptake of minerals into the cellular bone building structure.


So, let’s get specific about detoxification for osteoporosis. You’re body likes to work in a certain order of priorities. If you try to implement these priorities out of order you may wind up stirring up a more toxic soup that you can handle.


Let’s think. How do these toxins get booted out of your body once they are mobilized?


Of course, through the bowels and urine. So it simply makes sense to get those areas functioning well first. Easily initiate the following steps one at a time into your daily routine. This is an overview of the steps. Don’t let it overwhelm you. If you take one little step at a time, it’s really do-able and easy even with your busy lifestyle.


Step 1. In regard to the bowels, eating “clean” with healthy food goes a long ways to restoring the bowels to a healthy status. We’ve already discussed that a bit in Osteoporosis 2 – Eat Clean to Keep Calcium in Your Bones and you have lots of information in Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook to help you too.


Step 2. Next start incorporating the Simple Colon Cleanse

Once you acquire the cleansing products, this step only takes at the most 5 minutes twice per day. Even if your diet is not totally “clean”, this bowel cleansing procedure will be very effective.


You must have those “pipes” clean so the toxins will move out of your body quickly. If they stagnate in the colon, you may reabsorb them to make you miserable all over again.


Step 3. Kidney cleanse


You can throw this simple little step in whenever you feel like it to help keep your kidneys working well.


Kidney Cleanse with Azuki Beans


Place 2 Tablespoons of Azuki Beans in 2 Quarts of water, soak overnight.

Then cook the beans in the soaking water until the liquid is reduced to one quart.


Drain the beans but reserve the liquid, which is called Azuki Bean Tea.

Drink one quart per day to cleanse the kidneys.


I also found a good combination of herbs to nourish and cleanse the kidneys at this link:


You can find others in your favorite health food store too.


And of course you always want to drink plenty of purified water to flush the kidneys and the bowel as you proceed through detoxification for osteoporosis.


Step 4. Liver Cleanse and Support


Once your bowel movements flow well at least once per day, consider being kind to your liver. All the steps that you have already implemented help your liver too. But you can also provide it specific support with herbal and nutrient supplements.


These two herbal formulas developed by the wise herbalist Dr. Christopher support and cleanse the live

Christopher’s Liver Transition (more of a detoxifier)

Dr. Christopher’s Liver & Gallbladder formula supports the proper function of the digestive system, particularly the liver & gallbladder.”


If you have gallstones or pain in the right upper portion of your abdomen, you may want to get a bit more aggressive and implement the Liver and Gallbladder Flush. But read the directions very carefully and always work with your health care practitioner when initiating this cleanse.


Well that should keep you busy for quite a long time! But it’s well worth it. Sometimes people feel overwhelmed at first in taking these steps. I can assure you it’s not overwhelming if you just implement one simple step at a time. Don’t rush. Give your body time to detox. Relax in the process.


And always refer to the other information in the links above and to the Detoxification Health Report for more great coaching through these detox steps. You can download the Detoxification Health Report by subscribing to my e-newsletter at No worries. You can always unsubscribe whenever you want to.


Blessings, you’re on your way to becoming a clean new you with healthy bones,

Dr. Jo


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