Happy Thanksgiving

I’m Thankful For


You, my friends…

Who love to spread the truth about how to be healthy


My family, all of whom live nearby…

How many people these days are fortunate enough to meet at church most Sunday mornings with all of their children and grandchildren


The bounty from our garden this year…

Growing some of your own food is a visual reminder of how God so abundantly provides for us


Health issues in my family…

Completely resolved


The United States of America…

Which is still a great nation covered and protected by the sovereign God


We would love to hear what you are thankful for. You can post the things you’re grateful for in the comment section.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Dr. Jo



About Dr. Jo

Dr. JoDr. Jo delights in sharing the message of health. She believes disease is optional if you know how to take care of yourself. And she’s a great coach to help you reverse or prevent disease.

So she writes this blog to keep you up to date with information that may undermine your health if you are not aware of it. She also provides tips on healthy living, how to reverse degenerative diseases, delicious recipes, and ways to enjoyably change your habits to healthy ones.

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