Osteoporosis 2 – Eat Clean to Keep Calcium in Your Bones

Brilliant clean nutrition lays the foundation for reversing or preventing osteoporosis. Eating healthy makes you feel so clean. Besides being kind to your bones it’s kind to your brain too so you think more clearly, have more joy in life and can focus better on implementing the other steps to healthy bones.


Real food, as in vegetables, healthy meat sources, nuts and seeds, fruit, and whole grains serve your bones well. However, the Standard American Diet (SAD), an appropriate acronym does not serve your bones well.


For you see eating processed food, especially when it’s loaded with sugary sweet stuff and white flour upsets your body chemistry. When that happens it knocks your minerals out of balance. When calcium is not in the proper ratio to phosphorus your body goes into a physiological state of calcium deficiency but at the same time has excess calcium hanging around in the blood because there’s not enough phosphorus to balance it out.


That excess calcium acts just like a poison to your body. So it tries to get rid of it as fast as it can, dumping it out to the liver and kidneys or into your arteries or into your joints or into your bursa. When it lands in those places where it’s not supposed to be it causes inflammation. Inflammation means you hurt and is designated as “itis” on the end of lots of words such as bursitis and arthritis.


Now you can understand that we are eating inflammatory food when we eat the SAD. They are also death foods in my opinion as they cause slow degeneration of your body that leads to disability and eventually an early death.


At the same time you have this excess calcium floating around in your blood stream causing inflammation you also have calcium deficiency because there’s not enough of the calcium that’s in the right relationship with the phosphorus.


So your body needs to get some more calcium from somewhere to keep the blood as normal as possible. Your body’s biggest priority is to keep the mineral levels at the right amount in your blood to protect the vital organs.


So it has to pull those minerals from somewhere. Where is the largest store of calcium in your body? Of course, it’s in your bones and teeth. So your body sends hormone messengers out and says  grab some calcium out of that bone to balance out this body chemistry.


When you continue to eat the things that upset your body chemistry as in sweets, white flour, caffeine, alcohol and for many people dairy products, you are constantly pulling calcium out of your bones and teeth day in and day out.


It’s pretty easy to see that this constant calcium withdrawal from your bones eventually leads to thin porous bones. You can take all the calcium that your doctor prescribes and never replenish the calcium in your bones if you continue to eat food that upsets your body chemistry because your body simply cannot utilize it properly. You just keep dumping it out through the liver and kidneys or dumping it somewhere you don’t want and then you wonder how you could possibly have arthritis at the same time you have osteoporosis. But this combination becomes pretty clear now that you understand what happens when you upset your body chemistry.


So this introduces you to the concept of osteoporosis nutrition, eating healthy and clean to nourish your bones. Of course, there is a wealth of other nutritional information to help you switch to a Get Healthy Eating Plan. In fact my cookbook is more than a cookbook, it’s a guide to eating in the best way possible for your uniquely-you body. You can find more information about it at NaturalHealingCookbook.com


Also check out other articles on my website that help you understand more about upset body chemistry and the dangers of eating processed and sweet foods:

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That homework should keep you busy for a while. Enjoy your enlightenment process as you discover healthy nutrition for osteoporosis.



Dr. Jo


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