Please, Please Study California’s Proposition 37 Carefully

Have you heard the ads against proposition 37 on our California ballot in November? Some of the statements are obvious lies. Then listen to the list of sponsors of the campaign against prop 37. Monsanto tops the list, followed by the big food industry, none of whom I want to trust with my health. They are more interested in your dollars than your health!


They also want to keep you in the dark about whether you are eating genetically modified food. You may be trying to eat optimally healthy and not be aware of the potential time bomb lurking in your food that’s laced or piled high with genetically modified food because you don’t know it’s in the food you are eating.


I am very concerned about your health and the long term health of your children and grandchildren. Genetically modified food is the greatest experiment foisted on human beings. Personally I sense it is very sinister.


So don’t you want to know if you are eating food that contains genetically modified food? It seems to me any thinking person would want to know.


What’s the big deal about labeling our food so we know? Maybe Monsanto and big agribusiness and the food industry are afraid that we won’t buy it if we know.


But why would that scare them if they have health building food products? Maybe they actually know that GMOs aren’t safe or at least have not been proven to be safe. If that word gets out, it will hurt their bottom line (income).

One of the “No Campaign” arguments tries to make us believe our food will cost more when it has to be labeled about GMO. I’m not sure that is true. But even if it is think of the long term cost to your health if GM food causes slow, stealthy disruption of your metabolism leading to weird degenerative diseases that will most likely never be linked back to GM food because of the slow onset.


Think of the cost to time off work and bigger medical bills. Think of the cost to our nation if our people are sick.


If you haven’t made up your mind about how you will vote on prop 37, please, please read Dr. Mercola’s information. It’s a bit longer than my posts but important enough to read the whole thing. It will open your eyes to what’s really going on.


Re-read this article by Jean Saffell that was in the last Be Wise newsletter


Yes! Label Genetically Modified Food


And read my prior posts about GM food:


Watch these DVDs:

Food, Inc

The GMO Trilogy


Jeffrey Smith, presenter in the GMO DVDs wrote Seeds of Deception, a complete reference on the health risks of GM food.


Read this web site:, described as:

“The most comprehensive source of GMO health risk information on the web.”




Don’t be indoctrinated by the companies that are spending big bucks to defeat prop 37.


Use your head, then decide.


As for me:


I am voting yes on prop 37.



Dr. Jo


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