Mercury Undercover

Why would anyone give their DVD the title of “Mercury Undercover”?


Because mercury is the great imitator of diseases.


It can be a major underlying cause of a great many different diseases, but goes unrecognized. Instead the disease constellation of symptoms is given a name like multiple sclerosis, lupus and others. Then that constellation of symptoms is treated symptomatically. But the real underlying hidden cause of the disease is mercury toxicity.


That’s why we should consider mercury in all neurological diseases and many autoimmune diseases. In the olden days hat makers used mercury In the process of producing hats for the market place. Over the years they accumulated mercury in their tissues until they went mad. Thus the term “Mad as a Hatter” or Mad Hatter’s Disease.


Who uses mercury in their trade in these modern days? You might be surprised – ½ of the dentists. But you thought those fillings in your mouth were “silver fillings”. Actually they are a mercury-silver amalgam with a few other metals thrown into the mix and they are at least ½ mercury, more mercury than silver.


So why are they called silver fillings? Good question and one that the documentary “Mercury Under Cover” raises. The scientists on this DVD propose that these metal fillings be called by the more appropriate name “mercury amalgams” so people realize that those fillings contain toxic substances, specifically mercury, the most toxic non-radioactive metal on the planet.


And so they are exposing the mercury cover-up. When my DVD arrived I was just going to take a few minutes to review the beginning but I couldn’t quit watching it. I was fascinated.


Do you know how many tons of mercury coal fired plants spew into the air every year?


Do you know what people feel like when they are mercury toxic?


Have you heard renowned and highly respected scientist like Boyd Haley discuss the mercury problem? For years I have highly respected the research of this fine Kentucky gentleman and scientist Dr. Boyd Haley. What a treat to actually see and hear him on this DVD “Mercury Undercover”.


He tells the truth about mercury in contrast to the cover up perpetrated by national agencies that should be protecting us instead of endorsing putting poison in our mouths. Find out why these well known agencies cover up the mercury problem when you watch “Mercury Undercover”. I’ll be very surprised if your blood doesn’t boil with what you find out.


Mercury was the focus of my research for many years when I was treating patients. We uncovered the mercury load in the tissues of many of my most debilitated patients. They had been to many doctors, had lots of testing and lots of treatments that really had not helped them much.


Unloading the mercury from their bodies was a very delicate process, mobilizing it without making them sicker. But very gradually they began to improve and recover.


One lady with severe chronic fatigue syndrome traced the onset of her symptoms back to the time her dentist was removing a mercury amalgam from her tooth and she felt herself swallow a big chunk of mercury.


Know the truth about mercury, this insidious toxin in our environment and our mouths. Listen to the scientists and doctors who are revealing the truth about mercury. Don’t let the mercury undercover in your environment make you or your kids devastatingly sick.


And never again get a “silver filling” in your mouth or your kids mouths.


In my opinion we all should watch Mercury Undercover at least 3 times until the truth sinks in. Get more information about this DVD Mercury Undercover. Order it and share it with your friends and family. Just click the “Buy Now” button below to get your copy for only $19.95.

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