Chronic Kidney Disease – the Overlooked Causes

Recently an acquaintance with chronic kidney disease asked me what he could do to preserve kidney function and avoid going on dialysis. Since I have never treated folks with chronic kidney disease (CKD) I advised him to follow the advice of his nephrologist.

But that got me to thinking. What are the most overlooked causes of chronic kidney disease, or any other degenerative disease for that matter? I always looked for the underlying cause of the disease. Generally finding the cause tells us what to do to slow the disease down or even reverse it.

But oftentimes the symptom complex gets slapped with a label (“diagnosis”) and then the symptoms get treated so you’re body quits yelling at you so much trying to tell you something is wrong. Kind of like putting a sock in your mouth to stifle the yell but the tack you just stepped on is still in your foot.

So back to considering those overlooked causes of CKD. “Look in the mouth” was my first thought. There may be a huge toxic waste dump lurking in the mouth.

But how can that be? You can see the first toxin when you open your mouth. Those “silver” fillings deceive because they contain 50% mercury, a lesser amount of silver and a few other metals that can also be toxic.

Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive metal on the planet. When dentists mix the components of the “amalgam” together, they’re taught to handle mercury extremely carefully. They wear gloves and a face mask and they better not let any of it escape into the atmosphere where it can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin.

Then they carefully place it in a tooth where all of a sudden it becomes perfectly safe – NOT So! But that’s what we’re led to believe. Mercury gradually and insidiously leaches out of the filling and migrates to the eyes, brain, heart, GI tract and yes even the kidneys where it poisons and destroys these organs.

Mercury toxicity can masquerade as any disease process and never be found out unless the patient seeks out a very astute doctor. The Resources page lists organizations that can help you find one of these doctors close to you. But even if you have to travel a great distance, do it! Don’t let this deceiver go undetected.

You can see the mercury fillings in your teeth, but you cannot see the other toxic source in your mouth, cavitations.

If you’ve ever had a tooth pulled (remember those painful wisdom teeth that had to come out), there’s a potential space left in your jaw bone that can harbor nasty germs that daily churn out toxic waste products. These noxious products spewing out of that cavitation may affect and damage any organ in your body including the kidneys.

And they are so hard to detect. Even dentists who are aware of the problems with cavitations have a hard time finding them and most dentists and doctors are not aware of them.

So find a biological dentist to examine you if you have CKD or any other chronic disease process. Cleaning up that noxious cavitation may create miracles of healing for you.

Review these good overall articles explaining cavitations:


A tooth that’s had a root canal may release toxins that affect an organ also, another reason to see a biological dentist.


Other causes of CKD to consider include:

– Other heavy metals like aluminum, lead, cadmium

– Fructose (in most sweet food and drink)

– Soft drinks

– Melamine contamination of food (forms small plastic stones in body)

– Omega-3 fat deficiency


Find that integrative medicine practitioner who will partner with you.

Look for those underlying causes of chronic kidney disease. They may be tough to uncover and take some time and effort to treat, but not as much time and energy as undergoing dialysis or kidney transplant. The kidneys that you save will be your own!


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