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Most muscle cramp and night time leg cramp problems can be solved by ingesting adequate amounts of magnesium, calcium, potassium, maybe sodium and vitamin E.

However, once those minerals and vitamins reach the gut, they have to get into the cells. Sometimes some nasty culprit blocks their entrance into the cells. If that happens you can eat all the healthy foods and take the greatest supplements but continue to have muscle cramps.


What are those nasty culprits?

Toxins, toxic metals, toxic chemicals and toxic fats can block the passage of vital nutrients in and out of the cells, even your muscle cells.

The cell membranes contain gates that allow passage of minerals into the cells. Magnesium acts as a gatekeeper, opening to allow minerals in and waste products out and closing when unwanted substances approach the gate.

Unfortunately at least two problems crop up that messes up this gate keeping mechanism.

First, most folks eating the “modern diet” ingest insufficient amounts of magnesium which mainly functions inside the cell. Secondly those same folks unknowingly ingest, inhale or absorb environmental toxins like mercury, cadmium, lead, nickel, aluminum and toxic chemicals.

The cell, starving for the proper minerals would rather have a toxic mineral than no minerals at all. So if magnesium is nowhere to be found it accepts the toxic metal into the cell. If a toxic metal lands at the gatekeeper spot, then the gate doesn’t function properly and will not allow minerals like magnesium and potassium into the cell even if they’re in the blood in abundance.

So, you’ve read the previous articles on night time leg cramps and now you’re taking plenty of calcium and magnesium, but you still have leg cramps. So you try adding potassium and maybe have even increased your sodium intake, but you still have leg cramps.


What’s next?

Start a detoxification program, a subject that’s beyond the scope of this article, but you can start reading more about it at:


One simple approach to start moving toxins out: take Chlorella, an algae. The Chlorella cell membrane is fractured in processing so that it actually acts like a sponge to soak up toxic metals and chemicals. The process of fracturing the Chlorella cell membrane also releases the super food inside it since it contains an abundance of nutrients.

Try taking Chlorella at night just before you go to bed and in the middle of the night if you happen to wake up, especially if you wake up with a cramp.

Your body utilizes that resting phase at night to start the clean up process of removing toxins from your cells. Toxins tucked inside cells interfere with cellular mechanisms, but often don’t cause symptoms other than fatigue. When the body has a chance to move them out of the cells into the connective tissue, they come back into contact with nerves. That’s when you may get symptoms like nausea, pain or muscle cramps.

Taking Chlorella helps move those toxins out more quickly and prevents or alleviates the symptoms. So take Chlorella regularly a couple of times per 24 hours and try taking more when you have symptoms. I have even taken up to 24 to 30 Chlorella at a time if I’m really feeling toxic.


However, two precautions:

1. A few folks develop diarrhea from taking too much Chlorella, so back off on the amount you’re taking if that happens.

2. Take Chlorella separately from your minerals like calcium, magnesium, etc. since Chlorella absorbs minerals. If you take them together the minerals may not be absorbed and the Chlorella won’t be able to attach to the heavy metals to carry them out of the body as well. Taking them together won’t harm you, but you won’t get the full absorption of the minerals and removal of heavy metals. So take Chlorella at least 2 hours away from the time you take your minerals.

For awhile my legs would cramp part way into my swimming work out. I was in good enough shape that I should not have been getting leg cramps. Finally I figured out that the exercise was moving the toxins out of my cells. These toxins then interfered with the proper muscle contraction mechanism causing my muscles to cramp. Taking Chlorella before swimming solved that problem.

If refilling your cells with adequate amounts of minerals and vitamin doesn’t stop your night time leg cramps, then consider pursuing detoxification, a process beneficial to your whole body.


Dr. Jo


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