Sleep Disturbance 2 Toxicity

If you consider the number of prescriptions written for sleeping pills, you begin to realize that sleep disruption has become a major problem. But sleeping pills only put a band-aid on the problem. The cause of the sleep problem goes undetected. Like any other malfunction in the body, we look for the underlying upset in body chemistry, deal with it and the malfunction goes away.

Having difficulty sleeping is a lot like any bodily disorder. It has a lot of causes. So for now I will cover some causes that may be relatively unknown in medical articles. First of all consider toxicity in your tissues.


You may wake up in the middle of the night because your body is detoxifying.

Toxic substances accumulate in our bodies from environmental pollution and poor tissue detox pathways because of our poor food choices, lack of exercise and other unhealthy lifestyle practices.

When you embrace a lifestyle of healing, your body starts dumping those toxins out. That dumping occurs more vigorously at night as the body works to cleanse and repair your tissues.

Some toxins stimulate your system on their way out, causing you frustrating nights of wakefulness.


Try this simple remedy.

Take Chlorella just before going to sleep. Also, set some Chlorella by your bed and take it in the middle of the night if you wake up. Chlorella absorbs toxins and takes them out through the bowel. Getting the toxins out of your system faster will help you sleep.

Taking Chlorella just before you go to sleep may act as a preventive to sleep disturbance since the Chlorella binds the toxins before they can over stimulate you.


What is Chlorella?

It’s simply a green food, a little algae. In the processing of Chlorella, the cell wall is broken, releasing the good nutrients to replenish your cells. The broken cell walls act like a sponge to soak up the toxins. So you get two great benefits, nourishment and detoxification.

A small percentage of people experience diarrhea when taking Chlorella, so start with a small amount and build up gradually. Take one or two per dose initially. Then build up to whatever amount you need to counteract the sleep disturbance without developing diarrhea. I have taken as many as 18 at once. Currently I find that taking 6-7 at bed time and another 6-7 in the night if I wake up works well for me.


Taking Chlorella is a simple solution for sleep disturbance. If that works for you – great! If not we’ll be discussing other remedies for sleep disturbance in future issues of Be Wise-Health Wise.

Sweet dreams,

Dr. Jo


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Dr. JoDr. Jo delights in sharing the message of health. She believes disease is optional if you know how to take care of yourself. And she’s a great coach to help you reverse or prevent disease.

So she writes this blog to keep you up to date with information that may undermine your health if you are not aware of it. She also provides tips on healthy living, how to reverse degenerative diseases, delicious recipes, and ways to enjoyably change your habits to healthy ones.

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3 Comments On “Sleep Disturbance 2 Toxicity”

Diane Jewell

Diane Jewell

8 November 2011

Jo, you have such amazing information. I hate to bother you with a specific situation, and I know you can’t know, over the computer, but, one bit of information, perhaps. Dad has advancing dementia, @ 97. He doesn’t sleep real good and sometimes he talks all night long, keeping everyone awake. He was given Adivan, at one time but, someone else said, don’t give it to someone with dementia. Said it could be fatal?
Any thoughts?

God bless you and your efforts Jo. Love & hugs, Diane

Dr Jo

Dr Jo

11 November 2011

Hi Diane,
I’m about to launch a series of articles on sleep disturbance which will be posted here in Be Wise-Health Wise. I will send you and email so you can preview them.
Dr. Jo

Joyce Plummer

Joyce Plummer

14 November 2011

Dear Dr. Jo,

Thanks for the Chlorella tip. I need all the help I can get on sleep. I would love to see the preview. Thanks. Joyce

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