Excitotoxins Abundant in Processed Food

Excitotoxins – Part 3

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How much processed food and diet drinks or candies or mints are you eating on a daily basis?

If that’s your main diet, you are ingesting a heavy load of excitotoxins. You will have trouble finding prepared foods without MSG. It may not say MSG on the package label because there are a lot of other tricky names for MSG or substances containing MSG. So beware, check out this page for the other names for MSG.

Those diet drinks contain aspartame – known as NutraSweet or Equal. Those liquid forms zap that excitotoxin to your brain. How many brain cells have you killed today?

Also, some of us are more sensitive to the effects of ingested toxins than others. I call us the “canaries”, since we exhibit the adverse effects of these toxins more quickly than others do. So we can warn the rest of society to avoid these poisons. Miners took canaries into the mines to warn them of toxic fumes because canaries succumbed to the toxins before the miners could detect them. But if the miners stayed too long they would also die from the fumes. Take your lessons from the miners. Avoid excitotoxins like the plague even if you do not feel the adverse effects immediately after ingestion.

Dr. Blaylock presents evidence that some individuals may be more susceptible to the brain cell damaging effects of excitotoxins than others. Some may not have as much capacity to pump the excess glutamate out of the brain cell. Others may have some defect in part of the blood brain barrier. The damage to neurons progresses over many years before people start to show the signs of Alzheimer’s Disease, ALS, Parkinson’s, etc. The problem lies in how to know if you are susceptible to brain damage from excitotoxins. At this point there is no way to know, so why expose yourself to unnecessary substances that could cause such devastating consequences?

In summary,

Excitotoxins over stimulate the brain cell neurons, causing them to die. (They are stimulated to death.)

The most common excitotoxins in our diet are MSG (mono sodium glutamate) and aspartate (aspartame, Brand name NutraSweet or Equal)

Almost all processed (canned, packaged) food contains some form of MSG even if MSG is not mentioned in the list of ingredients. MSG goes by many other names.

MSG adds flavor to dead, lifeless packaged food.

Even food in health food stores contains MSG or its equivalent. I have yet to find a bouillon cube that does not contain it. Read labels carefully and beware of other names for MSG.

Aspartate mixed with another amino acid, phenylalanine gives a sweet taste to food or drink without adding calories. Thus it’s found in almost all “diet” drinks and “diet” food.

Our precious babies’ and toddlers’ (future leaders, scientists, creators, artists, inventors, etc.) brains are much more susceptible to the toxic effects of excitotoxins than are adults.

Excitotoxin damage to a child’s brain may not show up until years later when they begin to talk or read exhibiting difficulty with speech or dyslexia or even behavior disorders. In late adulthood degenerative disease like ALS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease or other degenerative neurological disease may manifest from excitotoxin damage done to neurons over a life time, beginning in childhood.

Pregnant women – Dr. Blaylock (and I agree) recommend totally avoiding aspartate, aspartame, NutraSweet, Equal during pregnancy. It’s a good idea to avoid all forms of MSG too.

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Diane Jewell

13 September 2011

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