High Intensity Interval Training

The Various HIIT Programs

By Guest Author Joe Maldonado

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a workout regimen that contains bits of aerobic exercise that is high intensity, which gets followed up by quick periods of resting. The reason why it is different from other workout routines is because it doesn’t take very long to complete a workout. If you don’t count the warm ups and cool downs, a beginner should be able to finish a routine in 4-6 minutes, while those who are more advanced might do it for more than 8-15 minutes.


Anyone who is trying to lose weight can benefit from this anaerobic routine. It will keep your workouts challenging and interesting, as well as keep you from reaching a plateau. There are programs for people of all different fitness levels. There are: The 30-second interval workout, the 60-second interval workout, Tabata training and Body for Life. In all of these programs, you need to do sufficient warm ups and cool downs.


For beginners, the most recommended program is the 30-second interval training workout. You start out by doing thirty second sprints with 90 seconds of rest afterward for a total of 6 sets. Even with the first few you should be pushing your body so that by the time you get to the end, the last few almost seem impossible.


The 60-second interval training workout is recommended as a direct fat burning workout. It will take away any stored energy from your muscles. If you want to do this workout, sprint for 60 seconds and then follow it up with 120 seconds of rest. Take your rest phase down to 90 seconds and then 60 seconds in order to equal the sprint phase. Start out with sets of 6, then slowly work your way up to 12.


Dr. Izumi Tabata developed the Tabata HIIT. This form is the most effective, and also the most unique. You could compare it to the muscular endurance that you would get from 45 minutes of basic cardio training. The amazing thing is that the entire workout only takes 4 minutes! This means that the Tabata workout is not just great for losing weight, but it is additional ideal for the improvement of your performance in any anaerobic sport. The Tabata version consists of 20 second sprints with 10 seconds of rest directly afterword, and the whole routine goes for 8 sets. You will never have a more intense 8 minutes!


The Body for Life has four sets of intervals with increasing intensity that each last for a minute. This particular program is all about the intensity. Each set will last for four minutes. You will begin with an intensity of 6 out of 10, which would generally be similar to a quick jog. Then you will heighten the intensity so that each set ends with an intensity of 9. Then, at the last set when you are already running your fastest, extend the set for one full minute by going for a level 10 intensity, even when you feel as though all of your energy has been used up.


Many people have gotten into the best shape of their lives using HIIT workout variations, and you can too!




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