Body pH – Tricks for Bringing an Overly Acid Body Back to a Normal pH

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You may need to add some of these tricks to help you deal with over-acidity and return to a balanced pH condition:


Several substances/supplements will work to reverse the over acidity problem but you may find that certain ones work better for you. What works depends on the severity of the situation and what type of alkalizing ions your body needs.


Mullein: According to local herbalist/ethno-botanist Ted Dawson, acidity is usually a kidney problem. This might be the easiest, best and most natural way to start in your efforts to bring balance to your body’s pH.
Mullein helps to reduce acidity in the body by helping the kidneys remove toxins like uric acid from the blood.


Mullein grows wild in many areas and has the most medicine in its 2nd year when it sends up a center shoot with yellow flowers on it.


For more information on using mullein check these web pages:


Baking Soda – This simple household substance is effective and provides powerful alkalizing ions. A very small amount is needed – about 1/2 the size of a pencil eraser. But be cautious – taking baking soda regularly may upset other body chemistry. It also may become a bad habit. Use it only rarely. Also be sure to place that small amount of baking soda under your tongue for absorption instead of swallowing to keep it from interfering with digestion in the stomach (an acid environment).


This may work initially but often your body needs other kinds of ions such as those found in:


Chewable calcium – Break up a single tablet with your front teeth and collect the pieces under your tongue and allow to dissolve.


Your current calcium supplement – Crush the tablet and place under the tongue.


The important point to remember is that you don’t want these alkalizing substances to adversely affect your digestion or stomach acids but rather you want to provide these ions to your blood. To do so, place the substance under your tongue. Hold it there and allow it to dissolve there. The best time to do this is at night. However, in stubborn cases using the supplement between meals may be necessary. Alternating between the items listed above may give the best results.


Also, most mineral products and electrolyte supplements will replenish minerals that provide an alkaline effect to the body fluids.


Fresh vegetable juices may be the best way to alkalinize your tissues. Get a juicer and drink your way to health. However, canned or frozen juices will stress your body more than help it. Avoid them. So be sure to drink your vegetable juice right after putting it through your juicer.


But here’s a caution. Most of us do not tolerate large amounts of sugar, even those from fresh vegetable and fruit juices. So avoid drinking large amounts of carrot or fruit juice. It will stress your metabolism too much. Instead drink “green drinks” sweetened with a little carrot or apple juice. Enjoy the recipe for green vegetable juice at the end of this article.


If your body stays acidic despite your best efforts, consult a healthcare practitioner experienced in balancing body pH. Most naturopaths, nutritionally oriented chiropractors and MDs or osteopaths practicing alternative, integrative medicine may be able to guide you in restoring pH to the proper balance.


We’ve come to the end of this series on balancing body pH.


Enjoy living in your new pH balanced body.


Even athletes improve in their performances with pH balanced bodies.


Here’s to your success.




Green Drink Juice

Juice enough romaine lettuce to make 1/2 cup of juice.

Juice one carrot and add to the romaine lettuce juice.

Juice enough spinach to bring the total amount of juice to 3/4 cup.

Juice enough celery to bring the total amount of juice to 1 cup.

Drink immediately but slowly enough to mix each mouthful thoroughly with your saliva. Digestion begins in the mouth.

Experiment making other vegetable juice combinations, but still stick mostly with the green vegetables.



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Paula Brown

Paula Brown

3 December 2012

What brand of juicer is best? Any advantage to Vitamix for juices?

Dr. Jo

Dr. Jo

4 December 2012

The Champion Juicer has been a reliable one for many years.
I haven’t used Vitamix but lots of folks really love it. I think that it pulverizes the whole fruit or vegetable but does not extract the juice. That can be a good thing too.

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