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Now even Doctor’s Research Agrees That Healthy Nutrition Is the Best Way to Combat Hardening of the Arteries and High Blood Pressure

An International group of renowned doctors just released the results of their 2 year study of 140 people over a two year period in the doctor’s journal called Circulation. The participants in this study ate a diet low in carbohydrates and high in the low carb vegetables. They avoided trans and processed fats.

Using 3D ultrasound imaging technology to view the effects of this diet on the arteries, they literally saw the decrease in volume and thickness of the arteries, back to a more normal healthy status. Usually arteries thicken over time, so this is really good news.

This is more wonderful evidence that you can take responsibility for your health and do some amazing things to turn disease processes around.

And one of the best side effects of their new healthy eating plan – they gradually lost weight too.

Doctors from around the world participated in this study including:

Dr. Meir Stampfer of Harvard Medical School headed the research. For 25 years he’s investigated the effects of nutrition on the human body, and is well known for his expertise in nutrition.

Dr. Iris Shai, at the Ben-Gurion University, Israel

Dr. Dan Schwarzfuchs, the director of the medical clinic at the Dimona Research Center in Israel

Imaging Research Laboratories in London analyzed the 3D images.

Leipzig University Laboratories in Germany studied the blood tests.

Consider their remarks:

“Long-term adherence to weight loss diets is effective for reversing atherosclerosis as long as we stick to the healthy diet strategy,” says Dr. Shai.  It’s interesting that she focuses on the weight loss as the mechanism for reversing the arterial damage.

Personally I’m convinced that the abundance of processed food we eat with its overload of sugars and damaged fat is death food and is crappy building material for our tissues. Give the body really healthy food and it uses this good building material to reconstruct healthy tissues.

Kind of sounds like the story of the foolish man who built his house on the sand and the wise man who built his house on the rock. The rains came down and the foolish man’s house came crashing down but the wise man’s house stood firm and served him well for many years.

So, Dr. Schwarzfuchs observes that “A low-carbohydrate diet seems like a safe and efficient alternative to low-fat diets in reversing the atherosclerosis process”.

“[The] main findings are that low-carb diets are healthful for weight loss, and they are safe,” says Dr. Stomper. However, he wisely advises that low-carb doesn’t mean Atkins which allowed heavy cream and bacon, deli meat or hot dogs. He says low-carb diets work… “as long as the protein and fat sources are healthful.”

Excellent observations from Dr. Stamper because processed foods are loaded with damaged fat, artificial colorings, flavors, and toxins which clog your heart and arteries.

”For long-term health,” says Dr. Stampfer, ”you want sources of calories to be healthy and a low-carb option rich in protein from fish and poultry, without trans fats.”

Uh-oh, there goes the grain fed beef that’s so prevalent in stores. Because they’re fed corn and wheat, the fat in their meat deposits as an unhealthy type that can promote inflammation and arterial damage. On top of that they’re often fed hormones that may promote prostate, breast cancer and other problems.

But there is an alternative. Grass fed beef contains the healthy omega 3 fatty acids and has only 1/3 the amount of fat of a similar cut of grain-fed beef. Those healthy omega 3 fats help calm down inflammation, which can be a part of the cause of heart and blood vessel disease.

According to another Harvard study omega 3 deficiencies cause the premature death of between 63,000 and 100,000 Americans a year.

Select good protein sources of healthy omega 3s from cage-free eggs and cold-water, wild-caught fish like Pacific salmon. Complete your meal with plenty of low glycemic (low carb) vegetables and some fruit.

Well, how about that. Now conventional medical research is proving what the forerunners in nutrition have been teaching to us for years. That’s refreshing and I’m glad they are finally realizing that the quality of food we put in our mouths affects the quality of our health.

Isn’t that just what I’ve been relaying to you for years?

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