Colon Cleanse in 4 Easy Steps

Now that the holidays have been over for a few weeks we may need to clean up our bodies a bit after the over indulgences at our feast times. Of course, we want to clean up the colon first, then give the liver some TLC.

You don’t want to dump toxins out of the liver and into the bowel if the colon is still toxic since you might just reabsorb those toxins and create a vicious cycle that stresses the liver.

So here’s an easy bowel cleanse for starters:

Hopefully with this colon cleanse you will have two to three bowel movements per day.  They should be formed, but flaky and fall apart when the toilet is flushed.  Therefore, you will need to modify the supplements listed below to achieve this type of bowel movement.

Since you must drink a lot of water with the psyllium and Bentonite, drink them at least one hour before meals or 2 hours after meals so the cleanse does not interfere with the digestions of your food.

You may also want to drink them several hours before bedtime so you are not awakened in the night by a full bladder.  A good schedule would be first dose as soon as you arise and a second dose at 3:00 or 4:00 p.m.

1.  Magnesium:  Start with one magnesium in the a.m. and one in the p.m.  Increase to two in the a.m. and two in the p.m.  You can increase the magnesium even more than this to obtain the two to three bowel movements a day. If you develop diarrhea, decrease the amount of magnesium you are taking.

             Or use an herbal cleanser.

2.  Psyllium seed powder in capsules: After three days on magnesium, add 4 capsules of psyllium in the evening with two full 8 oz glasses of water in order to moisturize the psyllium.  Psyllium is a bulking agent that cleanses the bowel.  Next, add 4 capsules of psyllium in the morning and gradually increase as needed until you are taking 8 capsules in the a.m. and 8 capsules in the p.m.  Increase your water intake accordingly.

3.  Bentonite:  After you have adjusted to the psyllium for three days, add bentonite, which is a clay that absorbs toxins and helps carry them out of the colon.  You may mix one tablespoon in water or take it by itself, followed by water.  Take one tablespoon in the morning and evening.  Continue magnesium and psyllium until the bentonite is finished.  (Bentonite alone can be constipating.)

4.   Acidophilus:  After three days on the magnesium, psyllium and bentonite start the acidophilus.

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Want to get even cleaner? Add these steps too:

1.  Castor Oil packs help loosen the old toxic material in the lymphatic system.  Rub castor oil all over the abdomen.  Place a soft cloth over that and a piece of plastic over the cloth.  Then, place a hot water bottle on the abdomen for one to two hours. Just snuggy down in bed or cuddle up with a good book with this pack on your tummy. Use the castor oil packs daily for approximately two weeks.  Be careful not to burn your abdomen! 

Alternatively, saturate a piece of flannel with castor oil, place on abdomen and follow the rest of the instructions above.  Saturated flannel can be re-used.

2.  Epsom salt bath: Fill the tub half full of water as hot as you can stand it and add two cups of Epsom salts.  Soak in this for 14 minutes and massage the colon from right to left during this time.

3.  Skin brushing will also help cleanse the lymphatic system.  Get a natural fiber skin brush or loofa sponge.  You may brush with a dry skin brush before you get in the shower or after you get wet and soapy.  Always brush in straight strokes from the feet up towards the lower abdomen and from the hands down towards the lower abdomen. Use about four strokes to each section of skin.  You may do this daily.


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