Christmas Blessings

May your Christmas be filled with:

The Joy from above
The Light of the world
The Peace that passes understanding
The gift of Love
The treasure of family
The camaraderie of friends
The aroma of good food
The warmth of the hearth
The blessings of giving to others

The greatest gift of all:
The Baby of Bethlehem in your heart

From my household to yours:
Have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas

Much love,
Dr. Jo

About Dr. Jo

Dr. JoDr. Jo delights in sharing the message of health. She believes disease is optional if you know how to take care of yourself. And she’s a great coach to help you reverse or prevent disease.

So she writes this blog to keep you up to date with information that may undermine your health if you are not aware of it. She also provides tips on healthy living, how to reverse degenerative diseases, delicious recipes, and ways to enjoyably change your habits to healthy ones.

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