5 Things You Should Know About Formaldehyde

By guest author  Debbie Davis

Being forced to breathe formaldehyde that is off gassing from products in your home or office is literally sickening.  Here are 5 pieces of information about this chemical that will help you eliminate it successfully.

The EPA’s Opinion–As the primary overseer of environmental issues, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has weighed in about how much formaldehyde is acceptable indoors. They define elevated levels as above.1 ppm (parts per million), and recognize that newer homes that use large amounts of pressed wood products are likely to have levels of.3 ppm or higher.

This quote directly from the EPA states: On December 3, 2008, EPA’s Office of Prevention, Pesticides & Toxic Substances published in the Federal Register an advance notice of proposed rule making (ANPR) that: describes EPA’s initial steps to investigate potential actions to protect against risks posed by formaldehyde emitted from pressed wood products used in manufactured homes and other places….

Off Gassing Time Frame-This will depend on how much is present in your home. The noticeable smells may diminish after several weeks, but often a lower level of emission can continue for months. In many mobile homes as settling occurs, cracks occur and seals break which allow even more fumes to escape into the air.

Common Items That Contain It–Do you come in contact with things that off gas this chemical. The answer is shockingly more than you may have realized. Formaldehyde is frequently used as a component in paint, coating products, glues and adhesives. It is also found in pressed wood that is used for sub-flooring, furniture, cabinets, and shelving. It is also used to provide the permanent-press quality to many fabrics.

Effective Avoidance-Use of organic products that do not use chemicals in the manufacturing process is the best way avoid chemical off gassing. These kinder, gentler products are making inroads into the market more and more every day.

For instance, there is low VOC (volatile organic chemical) paint, organic carpets and fabrics that are not chemically treated. Real wood rather than pressed woods, organic carpet and fabrics are all readily available is healthier options.

These natural and organic products may cost slightly more, but the damage that airborne chemicals can have on your health is even more expensive not only in terms of cost for health issues that can occur, but in the way they often reduce your quality of life.

Elimination-You can choose to exhaust the fumes by pulling air out, pushing air through, or filtering it out. A whole house fan can be effective, but it will also pull whatever pollutants are outside into your space.

Pushing air through with a powerful fan is also a great short term solution. But both of these ideas only work as long as outdoor temperatures and conditions are moderate enough to allow it.

Exchanging indoor air with the air outside is great as long as the temperature difference between the two is not too great.  Otherwise, the temperature becomes too uncomfortable for you to stay there.

Using a cleaner whose filtration technology is designed to eliminate formaldehyde fumes is the best way to keep the temperature comfortable and be able to enjoy clean air too. This is the best proactive, non-invasive, and long term solution for a problem that already exists.


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