Seven Fat Burning Foods

Guest author: Bryan Carlton

Your metabolism is the big fat burning furnace, so it is affected by what foods you are consuming and how much.

To help you lose weight faster and safer I am going to share 7 simple fat burning foods to help speed up your metabolism.  By incorporating these foods into your diet, it may help you to achieve faster fat melting results.

1. Apples – A simple, easy, and great tasting food that is rich in vitamins and many other nutrients.  Apples are rich in fiber and will help you curb your appetite.

2. Eggs – The high protein in eggs have a wide variety of benefits to you, if you are trying to lose body fat.  The protein is used to build more muscle tissue, as long as you are working out, which helps speed up your metabolism.  Protein also helps to control your appetite, giving you greater control over what you eat and especially how much you eat.

3. Grapefruit – This fruit contain large amounts of fiber and this fiber requires a large amount of energy to digest.  In research, it has been shown that grapefruit can help suppress appetite naturally.

4. Cold Water – That is right cold water, even though it isn’t a food.  A glass of cold water had a brief metabolism increase.  The theory behind this is that your water is colder than your body and it takes energy to bring the waters temperature up your body temperature, thus more energy is required and more calories are burned.

5. Cruciferous Vegetables – These foods contain the element indol-3-carbinol, eating vegetables like kale and broccoli will help you to reduce the affects of a chemical called xenoestrogens that may contribute to an increase in abdominal fat.  These vegetables help you keep a flatter and slimmer belly.

6. Celery – Celery is a very simple food, high in moisture and most importantly a negative calorie food.  This mean s that it actually requires more calories to digest than it contains.  So adding some negative caloric food to your diet isn’t a bad idea even if it is only one stick of celery at a time.

7. Green Tea – One of my favorite drinks, warm or cold.  Green tea is rich in catechin which helps you to achieve short burst of increased metabolism boost, which helps to burn body fat.  Green tea is a very nice and refreshing drink; it is also rich in antioxidants and very beneficial to your long term health.

Start incorporating these foods into your diet and you will speed up your metabolism but remember that unless you are working out on a regular basis and eating an overall balanced diet.  These foods are not enough to lose weight by themselves, but will help increase your metabolism.


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