Rejuvelac and Tips

We’ll find out what Rejuvelac is – but first some great tips!

My eyes were really opened to the health dangers of our current food supply in preparing for the nutrition course I recently taught. That preparation prompted me to watch several documentaries. Food, Inc. is a must see for everyone in my opinion.

After you watch it let me know if it opened your eyes too.

You can order it online, or from Netflix. Or better yet just watch it on your computer.

My good friend Sandy, nutritional consultant, sent me this note to share with you:

“You can let people know that they can see Food, Inc., The World according to Monsanto, Food Matters (another really good one) and a host of other documentaries for free at:”

Let me know how that link works for you. Since I am unable to get high speed internet, I have to settle for satellite and the movie thing just doesn’t work on our limited bandwidth.

Another important tip:

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So what’s a Rejuvelac?

 When we were discussing the many benefits of fermented food in the nutrition class, Rejuvelac came to mind. It’s a fermented beverage that provides a lot of probiotics, those organisms so friendly to out GI tracts. Previously I knew about making it from wheat berries, but come to find out, lots of other grains make a great Rejuvelac too.

Here’s one recipe for you:

You can use any grain to make Rejuvelac. Besides spring wheat berries and rye, Rejuvelac can be made from millet, oats, barley or triticale. Triticale is a hybrid between wheat and rye.  It is particularly high in protein.

If you use wheat, choose the soft wheat berries so they will sprout. The Sprout People’s web site says they prefer to use rye because they think rye Rejuvelac tastes best.


2 Cups Rye
10 Cups Water
2 Qt. Jar

1. Soak 2 cups of Rye in your 2 quart jar. Cover with 1 quart or more of cool (60-70 °) water. Stir seeds up to assure even water contact. Soak for 8 – 12 hours.

2. Pour off water.

3. Rinse (fill Jar 3/4 full with water), twirl vigorously, pour water out, and repeat – if necessary – until water runs clear). Use cool (60-70°) water.

4. Drain thoroughly by shaking your Jar – you want as little water as possible to remain in your Jar between Rinses. Set your Jar in a low-light, room temperature (70° is best) location.

5. Rinse and Drain (repeat steps 3 + 4) again 8 – 12 hours later.

6. 8 – 12 hours later your seeds will have the beginnings of little tails (sprouts). Add 6 cups of water (spring, purified or tap – your choice) to the sprouts and place the jar in the usual low-light, room temperature (70° is best) location for 2 days.

7. Pour liquid – this is your Rejuvelac – into a glass and drink some! Refrigerate the remainder until ready to drink or use in a recipe.

8. You may make more Rejuvelac by repeating step 3 and then adding 1 quart of water. Place your Jar in the usual location and culture your Rejuvelac for 1 day – then follow step 6 again.

Your sprouts are now pretty much spent so toss them to the critters (squirrels, rabbits, birds and many other outdoor creatures love sprouts) or compost them. Don’t throw them in the garbage; nothing decomposes in a landfill (below 30 feet). If you have chickens; they’ll love them!

Serve Cold.

Have fun brewing up this healthy beverage.


Dr. Jo

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