Herbs for Allergic Sinusitis

In my research for the ebook I’m writing on Sinusitis Remedies Galore, I uncovered this information on helpful herbs for sinusitis associated with allergies. Since spring is upon on us and the pollens are flying, you may find this information useful and timely.

The Herb Lady, author of Herb Lady’s Notebook recommends this herbal combinations for sinusitis associated with allergies.

Bee Pollen

Golden Seal Root

Capsicum Fruit

Parsley Root

Marshmallow Root

Lobelia Herb

Burdock Root

Bee Pollen, collected by bees as they go from flower to flower drinking in the nectar, contains rich levels of vitamins, almost all minerals and trace elements vital to man and contains 35% protein. Half of the amino acids in this protein are in the free form, making them very easy to assimilate. Such rich nutrition rebuilds and strengthens the hormonal glands and the immune system, restoring balance in the body. But if you’re allergic to bee pollen, you’ll have to bypass this one.

Golden Seal, a favorite of herbalists, becaue it supports so many body functions. Since allergic reactions stress the hormonal glands golden seal helps revitalize them and promotes hormonal harmony. It also  helps regulate the liver, fight infection, get rid of toxins and heal the mucous membranes in the sinuses and elsewhere. Precautions: Pregnant women should not take Golden Seal. If you experience low blood sugar take myrrh instead of Golden Seal.

Capsicum Fruit, also known as cayenne or chili pepper, dilates blood vessels and stimulates blood flow. It’s a great partner for all the other herbs in this combination because it helps the blood carry them to the tissues faster.

Parsley Root, high in vitamin A and B vitamins supports mucous membranes and increases resistance to infections. Precaution: Do not use in pregnancy as it may induce labor.

Marshmallow Root contains mucilage which helps loosen and remove mucous from the sinuses as well as sooth irritation. Some of its nourishing components include high levels of vitamin A and zinc both so vital for mucous membrane health.

Lobelia, highly favored for respiratory problems, in tincture form can calm a cough with its powerful relaxing effect on tissues. Lobelia reestablishes flow in congested tissue and contains a variety of nourishing minerals.

Burdock Root, well known for its detoxifying properties, helps allergy and sinusitis problems by helping rid the body of toxins.

All of these sinusitis herbs combined provide a wide range of nutrients that help nourish and rebuild the sinuses and immune system.

Some companies may carry a combination capsule of all of some of these herbs that make them more convenient to take.

Folks who are quite allergic may be better off buying each herb individually. Then take only one herb at a time for 3 days and listen to their bodies. If they seem to tolerate the first herb then add the second one. Continue adding only one herb every 3 days. In so doing, if an uncomfortable symptom develops, they can tell which herb was the culprit.

After all it’s easy to recognize an immediate reaction to anything ingested because it occurs soon after you swallow it. But some reactions can be delayed up to 48 hours later. By waiting 3 days even the delayed reactions can be linked with the last herb added.

Folks may need to take this herbal regimen for four to six months or even longer depending on how long it takes to detoxify and rebuild the tissues.

But the reward of healthy sinuses and lessened allergies makes this sinusitis herbs program worth the effort.

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