Green Smoothie Recipe Ideas

Green smoothie recipes made mostly from vegetables are healthier for those of us with blood sugar or yeast overgrowth problems. Take a look at the following recipes from other readers of this Be Wise-Health Wise newsletter.

One of our faithful readers suggests a recipe from Body Ecology that uses more vegetables than fruit:

Good Morning Greens Smoothie

Yield: 6 servings

1 granny smith apple, washed, cored but with skin
4-5 stalks celery, ends & tips removed, use leaves
2 cups chopped romaine lettuce
½ of a large Haas avocado
½ bunch cilantro or parsley, stems removed
3-4 cups filtered water

Chop vegetables into 1 inch pieces for easy blending. Fill blender with 3-4 cups filtered water (more or less water depending on how thick you desire your shake). Add all ingredients into blender. Puree till smooth or desired consistency. You can also add the juice from one half of a lemon or lime and even ¼ tsp sea salt and/or cayenne pepper.

The granny smith apple and a few other sour fruits like cranberries and blueberries are the only ones allowed on the BED diet.

The apple and/or avocado add a really nice texture to the smoothie.
Cucumbers are real nice in smoothies also.

(Enter green smoothies as a search term on Body Ecology for more good information and ideas for making green smoothies.)

And are some more great ideas from another health conscious and wise reader:

“I’ve been doing Green Smoothies in my beloved Vita-Mix for about a year and have experimented quite a bit.

I always add some form of fiber such as soaked chia or flax seeds (sometimes both) and that slows down any potential sugar punch.

I mostly use organic mangos sometimes with frozen peach…..but most important, I always add some fresh or frozen lemon juice to compensate for the action of the oxalates in the spinach/chard/& or kale that goes into my green drink. I also love to put some fresh parsley &/or cilantro – yummy tang and good for detox.”

There you have it some great green smoothie ideas.

Now share your comments and recommedations in the comment box below. We love to hear from you.

And we would really like to know about some more tasty green smoothies made mostly from vegetables.


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