Big Enzyme Leak

What’s the Cause of the Big Enzyme Leak?

Eating mostly cooked and processed food gradually depletes our enzyme bank accounts. (Aha, perhaps we could actually do something about this. Perhaps make better choices.)

Also, current mass agricultural techniques produce vegetables, fruits and grains lower in enzymes. And, fruit and vegetables may be genetically altered to have fewer enzymes to ensure a longer shelf life. That means our food is deficient in enzymes before we ever put it in our mouths.

So how leaky are YOU!

Around age 27 enzyme production declines. Even though you may not notice it, the decrease in metabolic enzymes starts the aging process. Aches, pains and arthritic processes begin to develop. Also, with the decline in protease (protein cutting enzymes) fibrous (scar) tissue starts developing in the organs, muscles and blood vessels. The immune system is compromised. The blood begins to sludge making it harder to circulate. Therefore, it has a lessened capacity to carry oxygen. Dr. Max Wolf, MD, Ph.D. discovered this decline in enzymes and the degenerative effect in his research from 1930-1960 at Columbia University.

At age 35 to 45 many of us experience decreased production of sex hormones because of the decreased enzyme production and stressful lifestyles. There goes the sex drive, mental enthusiasm, and joy of life, along with decreased bone density, muscle mass and overall energy. Hey – I want some of that back!

On top of all that at age 45 many of us start having trouble absorbing nutrients. Consequently our tissues do not receive adequate nourishment and they may malfunction. The blood gets thicker from improper eating, decreased digestive and metabolic enzymes, and lack of exercise. With this impaired circulation our tissues cry out for oxygen, especially our brains. Do you ever experience brain fog?

Keep up this enzyme deficient diet and unhealthy lifestyle and by age 50 to 60, we’ll be losing 10% muscle mass per year. Are you having trouble getting out of bed or up from a chair or off the potty?

Still haven’t changed your habits? After 60 our internal organs may shrink and not be able to adequately support the bodily functions.

So what’s a person to do?

  1. Supplement digestive enzymes – when your bank account is low, you need to make a big enzyme investment!
  2. Supplement systemic enzymes – another very important investment in your enzyme bank.
  3. Eat more raw vegetables and some raw fruit
  4. Sprout Nuts, Seeds and Grains
  5. Juice Vegetables
  6. Drink Green Smoothies
  7. Want to know more about the ravaging effects of enzyme depletion? Read Dr. Howell’s book on Enzyme Nutrition.

Blessings on you journey to building up your enzyme bank account,

Dr. Jo

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